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2022-2024 Club Reporting Form.pdf

GFWC Reporting Guidelines.pdf

Updated Reporting Guidelines July 2023.pdf

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The following reporting procedures will be in effect during the 2022-2024
administration.  Questions regarding these procedures may be directed to:

Bonita Baughman, GFWC/Iowa 1st Vice-President, 515-707-3817                           


1.  Deadline for Reports:  February 1st each year.

2.  Report period covers January 1 through December 31 of previous year.

3.  GFWC Reporting Form:  This form will be emailed or mailed annually to all club presidents from GFWC/Iowa.  Complete the GFWC/Iowa reporting form by filling in the light grayish-blue boxes with the name of any GFWC Affiliate Organization (previously referred to as a Partner) you had a program or project for under each CSP area.  You may choose to report it under any CSP area where you feel it fits your intent of the project most accurately.  Then complete the remaining form with numbers only in the appropriate white boxes specified for the totals of all projects in that CSP area and/or Affiliate Organization.  Report the number of projects, volunteer hours spent, and dollars or in-kind donations for each.  This is a statistical reporting form only.

4.  There shall be no cross reporting between community service program areas, except for fundraising.  Report your project statistics in one CSP area only.

5.  To receive state awards, narratives must be included in community service program areas in which the club wants to be judged.  If not seeking state awards, no narratives are required.  A "Narrative" is an attached page with details explaining your project or projects.  Each project narrative shall be on a separate page for each CSP area.  (If your club does more than one project in a CSP area, you shall put all those on the same page; but please do not put more than one project area on a page, e.g. Health and Wellness and Domestic Violence Awareness narratives shall each be on their own sheet of paper.)

6.  Mail a complete copy (UNSTAPLED--can be paper clipped) to GFWC/Iowa Headquarters, 3839 Merle Hay Rd., Suite 201, Des Moines 50310.  Retain one copy for your club file.  Do not send a report to GFWC in Washington, DC.


1.  SILVER AWARD REPORTING:  Each year, during state convention, one traveling silver tray is awarded in each of the five GFWC Community Service Program areas (Arts and Culture, Civic Engagement and Outreach, Education and Libraries, Environment, and Health and Wellness), the GFWC Signature Program: Domestic and Sexual Violence Awareness and Prevention, and the Juniors' Program: Advocates for Children.  Clubs winning this award have reported the best projects and programs overall in a particular area.  Affiliate Organization projects are not required; however, we encourage clubs to utilize and work with the GFWC Affiliate Organizations.  Clubs awarded a Silver Award will be notified that they may have a representative receive award at State Convention.  It is the responsibility of each Silver Award winner to polish the tray and return it in time to be awarded at next convention. 

2.  The Chairman's Choice award (previously 1st Place) will be given to the club that reported the best program/project in a CSP area.  It will be given on the basis of work involved, community impact and overall creativity.   

3.  Those clubs completing narratives that do not receive a Silver or Chairman's Choice award will be given Honorable Mention Certificates in the program areas they entered.

4.  Summary Award Certificates will be given to all clubs who complete the GFWC/Iowa Statistical Reporting Form only with no narratives attached.

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