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A good friend gave me a refrigerator magnet with the saying "Bloom Where You are Planted" when I moved to Davenport.  We have moved several times over the years, and I tried to make friends and get involved in each community.  Once I joined a woman's club, that made it easier to get involved; and I knew that I would find new friends among the membership.  I want you all to realize that no matter our circumstances or place in life, we can always make friends and get involved whenever we join a federated woman's club, no matter where we are.  Many of you have not moved from your hometown, or it has been many years since you moved; but we can still spread our wings to encompass our neighbors to help them and make our community better.

During this administration, I hope to spread the word about organ donation and sign up as many clubwomen and community members as possible.  I feel this is a very worthwhile organization and know of several people who have either donated or benefited from an organ donation. 

Domestic and Sexual Violence Awareness projects will be stressed this administration.  There are lots of ways we can help in this area, so I want every club to get involved.

I also want to emphasize membership recruitment and retention.  The future of this organization depends on our members.  Membership has fallen off, and I want to start building it back up again.  I hope you will help me in this endeavor to bring our state federation back to a stronger membership.

I look forward to working with all of our GFWC/Iowa clubs and members during this 2020-2022 administration

Bette Kuboushek
GFWC/Iowa President 2020-2022

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Show your pride in GFWC membership and awareness of domestic violence with a Plated Purple Ribbon Pin and GFWC Emblem (black rubber backing). Dimensions: 2”L x 1 1/4”W

Profits from the sale of this item benefit the GFWC President's Special Project "Domestic Violence Awareness."  Cost: $10.00 plus postage

This item is for sale on the GFWC website at:  https://marketplace.gfwc.org/signature-project-pin-p188.aspx